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AtnasAtnas Head

Atnas is a black and tan two-year-old, who weighs approximately 60 pounds. He was surrendered to a local shelter so nothing is known of his past.

His name is Santa spelled backwards since he came to us at Christmas time.

Pictures can't capture how adorable he is. He gives kisses (without licking), which is quite sweet. He is housebroken, with nice house manners, only occasionally playing with your belongings. He sleeps in his foster's bedroom quietly, not needing a crate. He easily lets you clip his nails and has a good appetite. He heals nicely, knows some basic commands and understands the go potty command.

Atnas plays well with his other foster dog who is quite large. He has been very mellow but has been quite congested (with a touch of kennel cough), so he may be more active after his medicine is all taken and he is feeling better.

Continued socialization and training will help this guy continue to blossom.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added January 2019

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