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Collette is a petite, 7-8 month old female weighing about 45 lbs. She's almost all black but has a few strands of white on her chest. This girl was from a local shelter so nothing is known about her start in life.

She is currently living with three German Shepherds and met several other dogs of all sizes recently. She is great meeting new dogs and will back away if any of them signal her to get away. If she has an opportunity to be with a dog her size that's playful, she'll play for hours. She also likes to chase tennis balls and carry them back, but doesn't quite understand the bringing it back part. If no human stays outside with her, Collette will go to a window and wait and watch the people inside, even if her play buddy is left out with her.

Collette is learning not to jump on people, furniture and counters. We're also working on her understanding of housebreaking. She's been around the indoor cat and tries to get the cat to play, but with no strong urge to hurt her. She therefore may be able to live with another dog-savvy cat. Still young, Collette also can get a little mouthy when excited. She corrects easily and has not been a problem, but small children are not recommended.

This girl has busy energy, but will go in a crate filled with chew toys and other distractions, as long as her human is nearby. If left alone, she cries loudly. She sleeps nicely through the night in a crate in the foster mom's bedroom. Once inside a car, she rides fairly well, but often slinks to the floor and needs coaxing to come out. Collette startles easily at fast movements and/or unexpected crashing sounds, but doesn't mind the vacuum cleaner. She would do best in a home with another confident, playful dog.

Training will benefit this girl, as she doesn't have great leash manners and seems intimidated by vehicles passing by on the street. Other basic commands need work, too, but she will sit for food and treats.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added March 2019

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