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DanskeDanske Head

Danske is roughly a 5 to 6 month old blonde German Shepard. He is from a local area shelter, so little is known of his background.

He has the personality of a young pup who wants to play, but will curl up in your lap when given the chance. He knows some basic commands such as sit and down; however we are working on wait and easy.

It took a while but he loves to go on walks and is a very curious pup. When he has been outside for a period of time or away from his foster family he will try and jump into your laps or on your person. The guts of any chew toy will eventually be spread across the floor, but not much else has been chewed on that could be seen. He does understand "leave it", yet he is still very curious about the cat with no desire to chase. He gets along with two other dogs and a dog savvy cat.

He has a unique quirk that he will rub his shoulder into the floor when he wants to get your attention or doesn't want to do something asked of him. The only thing he struggles with the most at this time is potty training, but he is kennel trained without complaint.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added February 2019

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