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GregorGregor Head

Gregor is a handsome 2.5 year old all black male. At about 80 lbs, he is on the thin side and could stand to put on a few pounds. He was surrendered by his previous owners when the husband became sick and they were unable to care for or exercise Gregor properly.

Currently in a foster home with a large female German Shepherd and a smaller dachshund, he gets along great with them. Gregor has medium energy. He loves to travel and be outside with his family. He leans into his people and doesn't realize his size, so caution with really small, young children is a must. Gregor walks well on a training collar and is getting the hang of sitting at intersections and before he's fed. He comes on command, corrects easily and is ready to further his training. Gregor has all the makings of an awesome companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added March 2019

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