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Quint is an adorable, very lively, very sweet, 2 year old male, solid black with just a dusting of gold on his legs. He's a big boy, still skinny at 80 pounds and happy to eat whatever is put in front of him. He should fill out to around 90 pounds when mature. He came to us from a local shelter, so nothing is known of his background. We can guess that he was an outside only dog, since he can be a bit tentative in new situations such as slick floors, household noises, and sometimes with unknown people, especially men. Once he's comfortable, he can be very bold, and life is a big, fun, exciting game. When calm, he can be very sweet and sit very nicely for attention. He loves to be petted and loves to be told he's a good boy, wagging his tail from across the room.

He's housebroken and makes liberal use of a dog door, flying in and out when excited. He craves attention, and apparently could only get it previously by jumping on people and mouthing at their hands. Hands are his favorite target, and while he's learning this is not acceptable, it's an ingrained habit that's slow to extinguish. He reverts to it quickly when he's excited, and he has quite a bit of energy, so he can be a handful at times. He's also very experienced at the "can't catch me" game, so he's had lots of practice avoiding consequences until recently when dragging a line and can be caught. He ramps up quickly when outside, but does calm down most of the time in the house.

Quint likes other dogs and desperately wants to play, however he still needs to learn manners. He gets along fine with other dogs as long as things are calm, but he's too rough the minute he gets excited, especially when he goes outside, and doesn't always want to back off when told. He's slowly learning to go outside with another dog and not jump all over them. He can be intimidated by a large pack of unknown dogs, so pack socialization would be a huge benefit to him.

His house manners are great when he's calm, but when he's excited or bored, he's an overgrown puppy who wants to get into everything, so he still needs supervision. He'll happily destroy dog toys and toss a ball around for his own amusement, generally landing it in the water bowl. Shoes are also a desirable chew toy if left within reach. He will Sit for his meals, and can Wait for about a wiggly nano-second, and is oh-so-slowly learning to Wait longer. He's respectful of other dogs' meals, and companionably chewed a bone next to another dog without problems while supervised. He enjoys and will take treats nicely, and will wait his turn with other dogs. He's learning how to walk on a leash but can sometimes use his size and weight at times to avoid going close to something he distrusts. Quint loves to go along for car rides and happily jumps into an open vehicle door or crate.

This boy needs a home with a very experienced handler who knows how to deal with a big, young, energetic dog who still needs work learning manners, and can give him structure, exercise and lots of socialization. Quint's basic nature is very sweet and affectionate, and he tries hard to do what he's asked once his brain is calm and engaged. Overall, he is a happy, fun and enthusiastic companion.

No kids or small critters.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added January 2019

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