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RamenaRamena Head

Ramena is a petite Sable GSD Mix weighing 50 lbs. She is approximately 10 - 12 months old. She came to us when a Good Sam rescued her after his neighbors moved and abandoned her on their property.

She is currently fostered in a home with 2 adult females and 3 adult male GSDs. She plays well with everyone. She is crate-trained, often putting herself to bed. She is house broken and will go to the door and bump the doorknob with her nose to let you know she wants out.

She is learning basic commands such as sit, down, and leave it. She is also learning not to jump when she is excited.

Ramena is very agile, and can and has easily clear a 6 foot fence in search of her humans. She will need a home with a secure covered kennel, open land, or a fence with coyote rollers or some other deterrent to keep her from jumping the fence when she is left at home.

She has medium energy and has not exhibited any prey drive. Ramena will do well in an active home that will include her in their daily activities and continue her training and socialization.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added March 2019

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