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Selleck is a handsome 2 year old male who came to us from a local shelter so nothing is known of his background. He is black and tan in color and weighs about 75 lbs. It appears that indoor living is new to Selleck, but he is quickly learning the household routine. He learned to use the doggie door and no longer has accidents in the house.

Living with 3 other German Shepherds in his foster home and while he doesn't engage much with the other dogs, he is respectful of them and only occasionally gently corrects the pup if he gets too pushy. Selleck prefers to shadow his human around, making himself comfortable wherever his people are hanging. While this boy is sweet as can be, continued socialization and training will improve his confidence and bring out his full potential.

He is not a fan of the crate, but once settled inside will sleep quietly. He typically sleeps on a dog bed next to his foster mom's bed and is left indoors with the other resident dogs during the day while his family is at school/work.

Selleck is taking his new experiences in stride. He does not like loading into the car, but once in, he loves to be included, even if it's just a quick trip to the store! He will initially put up resistance and cry if you try to lead him into a situation where he is unsure (entering crate, car, etc), but quickly settles once he realizes nothing bad is happening.

While he seems to be fairly submissive in nature, he is not shy about asking for attention! This good-natured boy is happiest sitting next to his person getting pets. He will gently nudge your hand if you stop before he's ready, but a "go lie down" is all he needs to settle in next to you.

He does okay on leash, but continued training will benefit him. His first impulse is to chase the resident outdoor cats, so a home without cats and small critters would be best.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added March 2019

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