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SplitSplit Head

Split is an adorable 18-24 month old black and red male, with one floppy ear. He is on the smaller side, weighing in at about 65-70 lbs. Split was found by animal control running free, and taken to a local area shelter, where no one ever came for him. Unfortunately nothing is known about his background.

Split is a little unsure about humans, but will warm up quickly. He now loves to follow his foster dad wherever he goes, and wants attention from the humans he knows. When Split is unsure, he will drop to the ground. He is now learning that he needs to sit or stand for any sort of attention, and will be ignored when he drops to the ground like that. When he gets excited he can also get a little mouthy, but will stop with a gentle correction. Split is learning about the big wide world. He is fascinated by the Roosters in town, and squirrels look like they are fun to chase. He is unsure of small dogs that bark at him. Split loves the other large foster dogs in his home, and would likely do better with a dog buddy in his permanent home so he can learn the ropes.

Although many things appear to be new to Split, he learns fairly quickly by doing and watching his dog buddies. Split is housebroken, sleeps quietly in his crate at night (although will cry if you leave him in there alone). He is still a little unsure about the car, but does fine once he is in and going. Split is learning to walk on leash. He doesn't pull much but will cut in front of you and trip you up if you are not careful. He will stay to your side with minor corrections.

Split is looking for a home that will continue his socialization and training as well as allow him to participate in family activities. He would like a dog buddy to hang out with, and will make a great family member with some time and effort.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added April 2019

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