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Veronica aka Verona is a sweet and happy fawn colored female with a black face weighing about 45 lbs at 6 months old. One ear isn't completely up, it has a bend at the tip. She was a stray from a shelter, so nothing is known of her background. We believe she has a touch of Belgian Malinois, which explains her coloring, affectionate nature and fun energy. She can stretch with her back legs completely behind her like she's practicing yoga.

Verona is in a foster home with three German Shepherds and a cat. The youngest male tries to play with her, but he has a rough style, so Verona rolls over to submit when he gets a little rough. She has learned the "leave it" command and doesn't pester the cat, although this cat is a senior and doesn't run around like a kitten. There have been no accidents in the house, so it appears Verona is housebroken. She already mastered the use of a dog door, but can't be left unsupervised inside as she'll pick up anything not bolted down to move or chew on. She also will grab the end of a toilet paper roll and unravel it, so bathroom doors are best closed with her nearby. Inside Verona calms nicely and will go easily into a crate. If you are out of her sight for long, she will cry in the crate. When outside, she has been quiet, only occasionally giving an alarm bark.

Verona is curious and will shadow the foster mom and poke her nose into anything she thinks she should be a part of. She is learning not to put her front feet on counters and that jumping on people is also not appropriate.

When Verona finishes growing, she may make a good running partner. With continued training and socialization, she will make a great companion for some lucky adopter.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added February 2019

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