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WorfWorf Head

Worf Is a large 88 pound black and tan male, (mostly black). He was surrendered to a local shelter so nothing is known of his past. He is 2 years old and looks very formidable, hence the name Worf. He likes to mournfully howl at sirens, sounding exactly like a large wolf.

He is nicely house trained and has medium energy. He is living in a home now with a flexible screen that gives him access to the back yard. He lets you trim his nails, especially when you massage his tummy and give him treats in between clips. He rides well in the car and is learning the go potty command. He likes to follow his human around, get his ears and tummy rubbed, chase tennis balls once in awhile and play with squeaky toys.

He is currently living in a foster home with a large female, which he plays well with. They have a great time roughhousing and playing. He sleeps very quietly in his fosters bedroom not needing a crate at night. He is a young boy and will steal his foster mom's gloves and want to play with them.

He knows some basic commands and greats humans well. He heels o.k. on walks but is easily distracted. He pulls quite hard on the leash when another dog is around, so he will need a strong handler since he is a very powerful boy.

Obedience training is recommended to help you with his exuberance.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog.

Added January 2019

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