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Zürich is a 12-18 month old male shepherd. He is mostly tan with black tips and a black stripe on this tail so he may have a bit of Belgian Malinois mixed in.

Zürich seems to be experiencing much of the world for the first time. He seems new to the house, crate, car, walking on leash. He takes most of it in stride, but can be a little reactive when he is unsure of things. He can also be mouthy if he if he is unsure or doesn't like what you are trying to get him to do (like go in a crate.). Zürich seems to be almost housebroken, pacing when he needs to go out. He does better when his human goes out with him to ensure he finishes his business especially when it is raining. He wants to make sure he isn't going to be left outside.

Zürich gets along with all of the large dogs in his foster home. He will pester and follow around the least dominant dog in the household. Zürich can be reactive to small dogs that react to him so we are unsure if he could live with small dogs. He also gets very excited by the squirrels and roosters he sees on his walks.

Zürich is gaining confidence every day and seems to enjoy learning. He now sleeps in his crate nicely. He still needs a little help getting in a vehicle, but seems to like riding along to run errands. Occasionally Zürich gets an upset stomach and will get sick in the car, so no big meals for him before riding!

With continued training and socialization Zürich will be a great family member.

No small children.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added February 2019

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