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Alexis is an adorable 5.5 month old, 41 pound black and tan female. She was rescued as a stray from a Sacramento area shelter, so nothing is known of her background.

She is a sweet and playful pup that needs boundaries to be her best. Because she is a smart and feisty girl, all the members of her new family need to enforce those boundaries. Young children are not recommended.

The foster mom says Alexis is working on sit, stay, down, wait (for food), and come. She is crate trained, rides well in the car and is learning how to walk well on leash. There have been no accidents in the house while with in the current foster's home, but she will probably need continued reinforcement of this behavior, until she can be trusted unsupervised. Currently being kept on leash in the house, while learning manners.

Somewhat of a drama queen, the foster mom ignored the temper tantrums the first day. Once Alexis figured out that she was not the boss, she stopped acting out.

As a typical puppy, she likes to chew on things that include fingers and toes. With proper correction and redirection to toy and chewies, she is getting better.

Alexis loves to play with her 72 lb young foster brother. He doesn't play too rough, but if he accidentally hurts her, she makes sure he knows. They like to wrestle, play chase, and share toys. When the foster mom puts them outside in the morning, they love to search the yard for sticks and chew on them together.

Continued training and socialization is needed for this young girl. Probably also best in a home with a playful, confident male dog that can teach her the ropes but not let her walk all over them.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added November 2017

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