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Baldwin is a 5 yo male Black Shepherd weighing about 90 lbs. His previous owners relinquished him to a Sacramento area shelter due to their inability to provide adequate care. When Baldwin arrived, he was missing almost his entire coat, likely due to food and/or flea allergies affecting his skin and coat. With immediate medical care and high quality diet, he is rapidly re-growing his fur. It is unknown whether all of his coat will return, however. Sunscreen is needed in the meantime to keep the exposed skin from getting sunburned.

Baldwin is interested in meeting all dogs, large and small. Once familiar with their presence, he is calm and comfortable. He enjoys human company and appreciates any affection that comes his way, even if it means taking pills or getting his ears medicated. He has excellent house manners, is house broken, and crate trained. Baldwin enjoys the quiet home setting, but is eager to go on walks and car rides with his human. He has also lived with children in his past.

Baldwin would be best in a home that includes him in activities and appreciates his mild demeanor. He will gladly shadow his person, both inside and outside. He knows basic commands, but a refresher obedience course is always beneficial.

His behavior is unknown around cats and small critters, but we believe with proper introductions and supervision he could easily adapt.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added July 2017

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