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Barney is primarily a tan-colored male, about 5 months old, and weighs 50 lbs. This is one big, growing puppy. He was a stray from a Sacramento shelter, so we have no background on him.

Barney appears housebroken and is very smart. He is fixated on the cats in the foster home, but may be able to learn to leave them alone. He loves playing with the big German Shepherds he's met, but initially thinks jumping on them is an appropriate way to play. He'll calm down when the big dogs correct him and if he's had exercise to work off some of his energy. He often barks when he sees other dogs, but really wants to meet them so he can play.

Barney is learning to sleep through the night in a crate. His new forever home must be willing to continue his training and socialization. Because of his age, we prefer a home with another dog that Barney can learn from and play with. He may be a little too energetic and become too big to be in a home with small children.

This is a Level 2 Dog

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