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Beau is a lovely, very friendly three to four year old bi-color male that was rescued out of the Modesto Shelter as a stray so we have no background information on him. He is a little underweight right now and should fill out nicely at about 75 pounds.

During the first few days at his foster's house, Beau had no house manners but caught on very quickly. He is an extremely smart boy who just wants to please you. In less than a week, he was learning to sit, shake, wait, stay, down, go to your spot, look at me and sleep in his crate although he would prefer to sleep in the bed with you. His recall is great! He is also potty trained and cues to be let out by going to the door or whining.

Further obedience training would be advantageous for Beau as he seems to really enjoy it, especially when there are treats involved! Plus it creates a good strong bond between you and him and your communication with each other. One needs to talk dog to understand dog.

Beau loves to go for daily walks with his pack and is very good at staying by your side; he does not pull and adheres to commands. When we go for rides in the car, this goofy boy has people cracking up because he likes to face backwards to look out the back window. He loves to watch people.

If you like an affectionate snugly dog, Beau is the one! He loves his people and likes to be near you or lays at your feet. This handsome boy always has a smile on his face when he comes to greet you.

Because this boy is large and still thinks he is a small puppy at times, he would do best in a serene home that has another large GS for him to have a playmate for companionship. Sadly, he does not like cats or other small furry critters; he thinks they are new squeaky toys for him. Calm assertive leaders and older children in the home would be the best choice because of Beau's size and strength.

If given the chance, sweet Beau would love nothing more than to watch the Super Bowl on the couch with you in February!

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2016

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