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BiancaBianca Head

Bianca is a pretty, white female, approximately 3.5 years old, and weighs 61 lbs. She was a stray from Yolo County, so nothing is known of her background.

Bianca has nice house manners, is housebroken, and calms nicely inside the house. During the night or when away, Bianca settles nicely and quietly in a crate. She is currently in a foster home with several dogs. She meets most new dogs easily, but displays dominant female tendencies. She is great around cats, sniffing but not harming the two she met.

Bianca walks nicely on a leash. Initially, she didn't seem to know any commands, but has learned to sit and wait before being fed and seems to understand the "down" command. Her recall can use work, especially if she's distracted by something. This girl is very affectionate, but not clingy. She meets new people easily and accepts pets willingly.

Her new home must commit to training and exercise. Ideally, another young male dog that likes to play would also help Bianca settle into a new home.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added January 2017

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