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Blitzer is an adorable 3 year old sable male. On the smaller side, Blitzer weighs in at about 70 lbs. Blitzer was turned into the shelter due to a divorce and move from Colorado.

Blitzer seems housebroken, and will pace in front of the door when he needs to go out. He was an only dog in his prior home, but gets along with the other large male and female dogs in his foster home. Blitzer would probably do well as an only dog, or with one dog buddy to play with.

Blitzer knows some basic commands, and walks well on a leash. On walks he seems only mildly interested in wildlife or livestock. It is unknown how he would be with small dogs or cats. Blitzer watches with curiosity when the other dogs play in water. He hasn't been brave enough to try, but really seems to want to. Blitzer sleeps quietly in his crate at night, and rides fairly well in the car. Occasionally he will try to ride shotgun, even with a passenger in the seat.

While Blitzer grew up with a child in his home (approximately 10 yrs. old.) without incident, his previous family indicated that he did not like small children rushing him, and would bark at them, so he will need to go into a home with no or older children. They also indicated when he was 12 weeks old, he had already been returned to the breeder for being mouthy with children. While this seems to be normal puppy behavior, close supervision is recommended with children of any age until you get to know Blitzer better.

Blitzer is a very loving boy who needs a family that will continue his socialization and training. He will make an awesome companion with some time and effort.

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Added October 2015

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