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Bochy is a handsome black and tan 2-year-old male with floppy ears. He is currently overweight at about 95 lbs, but he's energetic and with regular exercise he should be able to lose another 15-20 lbs to get to a healthy weight. One photo shows a recent photo of Bochy and the other is how he looked last September at a healthy weight.

Originally an owner surrender in Sept. 2016, when his family's child became sick and they didn't have time to care for Bochy; he was adopted from us but returned after six months. The second family didn't spend time training or working with him and he became too much for them to handle.

Named after the current San Francisco Giant's manager, Bruce Bochy, this boy has game. He has a desire to be with his people, play, and have a social scene to keep him engaged, his love of life is apparent. Bochy needs leadership to remind him of his training. Calm, gentle reminders work well to redirect him when he is too excited at the prospect of going on a run as well as when he protests or nips at having his collar held momentarily. Bochy has nice house manners, is house broken, knows how to walk at a heel, and commands such as sit, down and come. He also knows how to briefly wait for his food, release commands, and, is learning to wait at the front door when it is open.

At a recent small Fourth of July parade, Bochy enjoyed all the sights and sounds, but needed reminders to stay close on leash, not board the fire truck with the children taking a tour or posing for pictures, and stay at a polite distance from other dogs since most don't appreciate his excited greetings punctuated and with an occasional air snap.

Bochy seems to enjoy time with his foster family of 5 people and their male shepherd. Bochy has paired well with his foster family male shepherd that is calm and neutral, and together they enjoy chasing all squirrels out of the yard. Bochy does best with exercise most days of the week as well as socialization such as a walk to the nearby shopping center, pet store, or around the park, and may continue to be a fairly active dog as he matures. To help him whittle down to a healthier weight for his frame, Bochy needs an assist in measuring and moderating his food intake.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added July 2017

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