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Bronx is estimated to be a four month old, male German Shepherd Husky mix. Bronx and his mom were found by Good Samaritan's in Stanislaus county. The Good Samaritan held Bronx for the county stray hold and made a shelter report, but after not even one phone call of someone trying to claim them, they reached out to GCGSR.

Bronx came to the foster very unsure of humans and other animals. He would often try to hide or grumble at new comers into the household. After a few corrections and learning that kind of behavior isn't acceptable, he stopped. His foster has been working on socializing him with other people and he's doing great. He's still a little unsure at first but then approaches asking for belly rubs and ear scratches.

Bronx is being fostered with three large breed dogs. He follows them every where, especially the youngest who spends most of her time playing with him. Bronx picked up on the household routine quickly with the help of his foster siblings. Bronx relies a lot on the confidence of his foster siblings so we will be looking specifically for a home for him with another dog. Bronx will also need someone who will take the time to take him out and introduce him to new people and things often.

Bronx is working on potty training along with some other basic obedience skills. He sleeps quietly in his crate through out the night. Bronx has been taught that toys are for chewing and picking up a shoe, remote, or grabbing onto the couch is not allowed.

Bronx will benefit strongly from someone who will continue socialization and training. Please review the puppy requirements page before submitting a puppy questionnaire and adoption questionnaire.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added February 2017

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