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ChitinaChitina Head

Chitina, named for a town in Alaska, is an adorable 10-12 month old golden longcoat shepherd mix.  On the petite side this girl weighs in at about 55lbs.  She was an unclaimed stray from a local area shelter so nothing is known about her.

Chitina is a little bundle of energy who likes to play.  She would love a young male dog brother to wrestle with in her new home.  Chitina is housebroken, walks nicely on leash, and knows some basic commands.  She does need a little work in her house manners as this curious girl likes to check out what is on the kitchen counters, and she is quite sure that all of the living room furniture was purchased for her sitting pleasure.

Chitina has gotten along with all of the large and small dogs she has met so far, but her play with small dogs particularly needs to be supervised as she can start to get a little rough and some dogs may not appreciate that.  At the lake Chitina loved running around with other dogs, and while she is happy to splash around in the water, she doesn't seem to be much of a swimmer.

Chitina seems to do well with a routine.  When she was new to her foster home she fussed going into a crate at night, now she runs right in.  First day outside during the work day, she didn't want to go out, she destroyed a dog bed and scratched the door.  Now she runs right out with her dog buddies and there have been no issues since.  This girl is a gem but does require some patience until she knows what is going on and what is expected of her.

Chitina is a great dog, and will be an amazing family member for the right home that is willing to put some time and energy into her.


This is a Level 2 Dog

Added Septmember 2017

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