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Chloe MayChloe May Head

Chloe May is a 5-6 year old girl who was found in a rural area of Merced County, so nothing is known of his background. It appears she has had several litters and was kept outdoors for most of her life. Chloe has had a long time skin condition, and evidence of her skin irritations, and worn down teeth says she has been scratching and itching for a long time. Now that she is on good food and in a healthy home, she is thriving and her skin and coat look great.

Chloe May is living with 2 other dogs and loves being part of a family. She readily jumps up in the car for a ride, and has appropriately greeted everyone she has met so far. She is starved for attention and readily accepts a loving pet from people. Chloe is house trained, and walks on a leash fairly easily.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added August 2016

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