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Christian is a 3 year old male shepherd. He is mostly black with some mottled black and tan on his legs. He was a stray out of Sacramento County so nothing is known about his background.

Christian loves to spend time inside with his people. He is quickly learning his house manners and is quite receptive to a stern correction; however, this boy can be determined at times. He knows his basic commands such as sit and down, and is still working on wait/stay, especially if it keeps him from something he wants like his dinner.

Christian is very food motivated and willing to learn if it means more treats or time with his family. He seems to be housebroken, but with regular trips outside in his current foster home, he may not have learned how to provide alert cues when he needs to go out. With regular exercise, Christian settles in quite nicely in the house. He is crate trained and happily sleeps in his crate at night. He is still working on his leash manners and does much better when walking one-on-one than with a pack or another dog.

Christian currently lives with an active female shepherd and they play very well together. He has also met other small dogs nicely around the pet and hardware stores and hasn't shown signs of high prey drive. He has not been exposed to cats. He may likely do well with other critters, but as his foster home doesn't have any other pets, we can't say for certain.

Christian will do best in a house that is willing to continue his training and set some boundaries.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added April 2017

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