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Crosby is a large red and black male approximately 3-4 years old who was an unclaimed stray from a Sacramento area shelter, so very little is know of his backgound

He appears to have had a food and/or flea allergy, as the hair on his back was very sparse. With a healthy diet his fur is already growing back nicely and he is well on his way back to a healthy weight. He currently weighs 76 lbs but could stand to gain 5-10 lbs.

Crosby is a good natured Gentle Giant and gets along with most large dogs, with proper introductions. Small dogs are unknown. He can be rowdy and playful, but is also very gentle with the resident German Shepherd puppies. No cats or small critters for this boy, however.

While extremely affectionate, he can be mouthy at times and occasionally gets excited and jumps, so he may not be suitable in a home with small children. Crosby is well behaved in the house and uses a doggie door. He will sleep in a crate, but prefers the dog bed next to his foster mom.

Further training and socialization are expected for this boy's forever home.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2017

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