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Darla is about a year old and a beautiful black and tan long coat weighing 75 lbs. She came in as a stray to a Sacramento area shelter, so nothing is known of her background.

This young girl has lots of energy and unless laying down to rest, doesn't seem to want to stay still. She is affectionate and loves a good belly rub. She is living with a 3 year old female German Shepherd and two senior male German Shepherds and gets along with all of them, although they correct her busy behavior occasionally. She doesn't realize her size and tries to walk under the other dogs. When drinking water, she sticks her entire nose in the bucket so she frequently has a wet muzzle.

Darla will sit for food, but is learning the wait command. She also will walk nicely on leash, as long as you keep moving. Inside the house, Darla seemed puzzled by the washer and dryer and she seemed intrigued by the TV. Cars driving past while out walking are concerning to Darla, but she is learning that they won't hurt her so she can keep moving. Darla needs coaxing to go into a crate, but once in, settles down and sleeps through the night. Currently kept leashed when inside, it is too early to tell if she is housebroken.

Darla hasn't paid any attention to the cat in the house so far. This is a senior cat who mostly lays in one spot, but the cat seems to know when there are scary dogs in the house and wouldn't stay out unless she felt safe.

A home committed to training and socialization is needed for this girl. Another playful male dog will help burn off some energy too. Due to her size, she should not go to a home with small children.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2017

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