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Duke Ellington is an all black 2 year old with special needs, he has developed cataracts and has limited vision. (He may be a candidate for an expensive cataract surgery, but further testing is needed). He cannot see small objects, chain link fencing, or in dim light very well. A professional trainer purchased him as a puppy and did some initial obedience training. She has decided to close her facility and asked us to find Duke a home.

Duke is good with cats and loves other dogs. Because of his lack of socialization as a puppy, he is fearful around people and new things. He doesn't like pets on the top of the head and startles easily. Once you earn his trust he's a playful, happy boy.

He is looking for a home without kids. He doesn't display any aggressive tendencies, but active, noisy kids are too much for him and he retreats to a corner of the room. All the adults in the home need to be committed to earning his trust. It will take time, but it is so rewarding to see this fearful boy turn into a wiggle worm with excitement because he's happy to see you come home, or joyfully bounce a tennis ball to play. He loves playing chase with other dogs and needs a dog in the home to be his buddy and be a confident role model for him.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2018

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