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Emily is a cute, smaller female GSD with a thick white coat with creamy tan tones down her back. She came to us as an unclaimed stray from a local shelter, so nothing is known of her background. Her shorter legs and broad nose give her a stubby, but adorable stature. The vet at the shelter estimates her age at between 2 - 3 years. At just over 50#, Emily is the perfect size for someone looking for a more compact GSD. She appears housebroken, and has not had any accidents since she has been with her foster home.

Although she is on the smaller size, Emily holds her own with the larger dogs she has been living with in her current foster home. She loves to run around outside and play chase with her foster pack, just as much as she loves to hang out with them in the house. She is still learning proper leash manners, but she really enjoys going out on neighborhood walks with her pack. She also rides well in the car.

Although Emily can be timid around people at first, she warms up quickly. She has a very affectionate and friendly nature and a sweetness about her that draws people to her. She can also be a bit cautious or protective when meeting other dogs at first. But once properly introduced, she gets along with everyone she meets, human or canine. Once she knows you, this little girl craves attention and enjoys being petted, and loves getting belly rubs!

Emily apparently did not have much training before, but she is learning to sit, and we're working on other basic commands with her. She has a soft mouth, and likes treats, but is much more praise motivated. She would do well with a full obedience training with her new owners. The only behavior challenges we've had with her are her occasional tendency to counter-surf if food is left out, and the fact that she' likely to sneak up on the furniture when you leave the room.

When relaxing around the house in the evenings, Emily generally prefers to lie on the open floor near her people. She goes easily into her crate at bedtime and settles nicely and will sleep there thru the night. She has not been cat tested, but does exhibit some prey drive. So she would need to be carefully tested for compatibility with any cat she might live with.

Don't let Emily's smaller size fool you. This girl has a loud bark that makes her sound like a much bigger dog. She will often alert before her pack mates whenever she hears a sound outside.

Considering her personality and highly affectionate demeanor, Emily would probably be happy being an only dog. But watching her interact with other pack members, but she would also do well with another male dog in her new home close to her age and size. This sweet little girl has a lot of love and affection to give, and will bring a lot of joy to the right forever home!

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2018

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