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Evita is a cute, funny and charming mature lady around 5-6 years old and average-sized at around 65 pounds. She was a stray in a local shelter, so her background is unknown, but she came to us with decent house manners and takes direction well with a good understanding of most basic obedience. She's very food-driven, and will try to stay as close to the kitchen as allowed, but understands when told to get out of the kitchen. She will sit (after spinning in circles a couple of times first) and wait for her meals, will speak on command, and understands coming in and going outside, and has decided that having a dog-door is the coolest thing in the world. Once she discovered she could go in and out as she pleased, she spent a whole day doing just that.

This feisty girl is very well-socialized to people and dogs, and lives quite comfortably with two mature male German Shepherds, although she tends to be very bossy and would really rather have all the attention and toys for herself. She's learning that it's not acceptable to snark at the other dogs when getting attention, and that she can't take objects away from the other dogs. She loves to go for car rides, to chase balls and will amuse herself chewing up balls and dismantling stuffed toys.

Evita had the misfortune to be born with terrible hips, so she's slated for bilateral hip surgery as scheduling permits. She also has arthritis in her elbows, with one elbow much more severe than the other. Despite her physical limitations, she almost always has a wagging tail and a smile, and is a very happy and affectionate dog. She is moving much better since she's been getting joint supplements, anti-inflammatories and pain meds, but her spunky spirit hardly let it slow her down.

She takes great delight in stalking and chasing off birds, so she might not be a good candidate for cats or smaller dogs but that's unknown at this point. She will pick up paper and cardboard out of the trash and relocate it if left home when the humans are gone. She also traded half a chewed-up ball for a slipper one day, but the slipper wasn't chewed, just relocated. She made one attempt at getting in the garbage, but was caught in the act and hasn't tried it since. However, she's socially aware enough that she might try again if nobody was home. She's always most sincerely sorry when she gets caught out, and tries her best to convince you she really didn't mean it and desperately needs a belly rub, complete with waving paw.

Evita needs a home with someone who has a sense of humor and can appreciate her feisty nature, and can keep her possessive tendencies in check around other dogs.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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