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Griff is a strong, handsome black and tan male, weighing 90 lbs, and is approximately 4 years old. He was a stray from a Yolo County shelter, so we have no information on his background. Sometime in Griff's past, something created a scar across his muzzle, but it doesn't take away from his ability to take great pictures.

Griff is currently living nicely with one dominant female German Shepherd in his foster home. Griff has high prey drive and does not do well with small dogs, cats, small critters or young energetic pups. When meeting other dogs, slow introductions are best. He would likely do best with another large female or a submissive large male dog or being an only dog. Because of Griff's size and occasional reaction towards other dogs when on leash, he should not be in a home with small children. This is not a dog park dog.

Griff has nice house manners, only moving things around being silly, not damaging anything. He knows basic commands, including sitting before going through doors, and sitting before being allowed to eat. He currently sleeps on the floor in his foster's bedroom and is very quiet. He walks nicely on a leash, but can get excited when he sees other dogs. Consistent rules and direction from a strong handler will go a long way for this nice boy.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added February 2017

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