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HansHans Head

Hans is a handsome 2 year old, 80 lb, black and red male that came as a stray from a local shelter, so his background is a mystery.

Hans is very affectionate and loves head rubs, belly rubs, back rubs- you name it! He has moderate energy and behaves quite maturely for his young age (although occasionally he can't contain his excitement and he jumps up). His goofy, puppy side comes out when you break out the toys! He lives with 3 other Shepherds in his foster home--a young male, young female and middle aged male. He gets along with and has has accepted the older male and female as pack mates and just started showing interest in playing with the female. He can get competitive with the young male and occasionally needs to be reminded not to push boundaries with the resident dog, but learned to tolerate him.

Hans is most happy hanging with his human, however without proper leadership, he'll take over and become overly possessive of his humans and other resources. He has been good with young children, but may become over-protective.

Hans has nice house manners and is left with free reign of the house with his foster siblings when his foster mom is at work. He is housebroken and uses a doggie door. He will sit for his food and is learning "down" and "stay". He will sleep in the crate -- he whines a bit at first, but then settles.

Hans loves riding in the car and behaves nicely when out in public. He would love to be part of an active family that includes him on their outings. He walks nicely on leash, but will pull if there is a lot of activity so he will benefit from further training and socialization.

Cats, critters and small dogs are unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added August 2018

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