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Janis is a beautiful, sable female, approximately 10 months old, who weighs about 60 lbs. She is on the petite side, but is young so she may have a tad bit of growing to do. She was came in as a stray to a local shelter so nothing is known of her background.

Janis is settling nicely into her new foster home. She gets along well with the other German Shepherds of various ages, but is still figuring out the pack dynamic. She sometimes will react toward the other dogs if she feels threatened, but corrects easily. If she gets too overwhelmed she will find a quiet corner and lie down. She is still a bit cautious when meeting new people and/or dogs, so proper introductions are needed. Because of her pensive nature, a home with small children is not recommended. She sleeps nicely in her crate at night and was very proud of herself for mastering the doggie door.

Janis is a very affectionate girl and follows her foster dad everywhere. Although she looks grown up, she still has some puppy tendencies so she needs to be given appropriate toys/chewies or she will choose her own chew toys.

She likes to ride in the car and is learning to walk nicely on the leash. She is eager to please and spend time with her humans so continued socialization and training will be beneficial for her to reach her full potential. She has not been socialized with cats or small dogs, but there are pups and cats in her foster home and she hears/sees them and seems to be uninterested.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added November 2017

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