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JayJay Head

Jay is a 3.5 month old male Belgian Malinois mix with helicopter ears and a sweet disposition. He was a stray out of a Sacramento shelter, so nothing is known about his background. He came to the shelter with poor muscle tone and swelling in his leg joints, thought to be caused by inappropriate nutrition in his first months of development. He currently needs to be kept calm without too much aerobic activity to keep his joints from being over-stressed. A healthy diet already has started this little trouper back on track. He has the longest legs, which look out of proportion currently to his thin frame.

He's in a foster home with a young female German Shepherd and an adult, calm male German Shepherd. He loves being around people and follows his foster mom around the house, plopping on the nearest dog bed by her. He is very responsive to correction, and is learning basic house manners and commands. Jay is working on potty training and using a doggy door; if taken out regularly, he will go outside, but if timing is off, he uses a puppy pad. He sleeps quietly in a crate at night. A typical puppy, he puts everything in his mouth, but is easily redirected if given an appropriate toy.

At this young age, he should be able to learn to live with dog-savvy cats and other small animals, but patience is key. With continued socialization, training, good nutrition and appropriate exercise, this pup will make a great addition to some lucky person or persons.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added May 2017

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