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Jaz is a pretty 3-4 y/o old, 57 lb, Black and Red female. She was found as a stray in Sacramento County so nothing is known about her past. Her right front paw had an extensive soft tissue injury, causing infection to the skin and bone on that foot, for which she currently receives daily treatment. No one knows what caused this injury to the foot. Thus far, she is showing remarkable progress and we are optimistic for a full recovery. It is important that she is closely monitored in the future for any recurrent injury to this paw!

Jaz interacts especially well around all humans, including children, although approaches strangers with caution. She is eager for car rides and walks, yet looks forward to her quiet home where she is calm with her human company. Jaz appreciates her people and would do best in a home with limited hours alone. She is crate trained and near completely house-broken. She is afraid to use the dog door, possibly because she wore a cone for a while to keep her from bothering her foot.

Jaz gets along with a few dogs, large and small whom she met when she was new to us, and engages in polite play. She has been the only dog in her foster home. Now that she is almost healed, she has had a very difficult time around other new dogs, either while on a walk, from the car, or trying to meet them for possible socialization. She is the first to respond with growling and barking, which normally causes the other dog to respond in a similar manner. She needs to go to a good trainer who is known to correct this type of behavior. A serious training course will be necessary for Jaz and also be a good bonding experience for her new owner.

Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added March 2017

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