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JerseyJersey Head

Jersey is a black and light tan, 7 month old female weighing about 52 lbs. She was a stray out of Placer County, so nothing is known about her background. The shelter said she was very timid when she arrived and therefore made her available to rescue. She clearly was a staff favorite at the shelter, based on the number of people who came to say goodbye to her. She has been in our group since March 2017.

Jersey loves being around other playful dogs. She can be insecure and anxious, but having playful, confident dogs around her, helps her get used to new environments and she seems to accept new people easier when she sees the other dogs getting attention from the human(s). She is house broken, crate trained, loves car rides, and lives nicely with cats. She also knows basic commands, will wait at the door when told and sits and waits to be fed. Consistent rules and boundaries are needed for this anxious girl. When she's given too much freedom in a new environment, she tends to revert to acting timid and anxious with people that she's not comfortable around. Once she's comfortable with people (which can take a lot of time), she gladly comes over for affection and grooming.

Due to Jersey's insecurities, she needs to go to a home with another playful, confident dog, but no children. A calm home experienced in dealing with insecure dogs who need time to warm up to new people is also a must. This is not the dog for a first time dog owner. She will also need further training, socialization and exercise on a regular basis.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

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