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Jonsey (aka Jones) is a handsome black and red shepherd. On the smaller side, Jones weighs in at about 65 lbs. He was an unclaimed stray from a local area shelter so not much is known about his background.

Jones is a fairly easy dog to have around the house. He is housebroken, knows some basic commands, and is happy to follow his people around. Jones lives with other large male and female shepherds and gets along with all of them. In his previous foster home Jones lived with a 5 year old child, chickens, ducks, birds, a turtle and some fish. While Jones was very curious about the chickens and birds, he was not obsessed with them. He did well with the child.

Jones needs continued work on his leash manners. He likes to charge ahead and run under the other dogs or jumping over them getting everyone tangled. He also likes to chirp with excitement when out on walks. It is kind of funny until the 5th time you have untangled them.

When Jones first arrived at his foster home, he pitched a fit when going into a crate or kennel, or even being let outdoors without a human with him. When he realized his fits were getting him nowhere, he stopped. He now crates himself at night, and will even sleep in there when the door is open. He will now actually go outside with another dog willingly. Jones is a very good boy who overall wants to please his owners, but will try to get his way when he first arrives.

With a few boundaries and some continued training, Jones will be an excellent family companion.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added April 2017

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