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Jylo is a robust 5 yo tan color with some black male who was relinquished to a local shelter. Unfortunately, nothing else is known about his past. He was brought into our organization extremely overweight and with limited ability to engage in physical activities. With daily walks and a healthy diet, however, he is ready to show off his 90 lb stellar physique! Jylo has slight laxity of his right front foot (likely from birth), but It does not inhibit him from the thrill of prancing on a grassy lawn or up a flight of stairs.

Despite his grand appearance, Jylo is an easy-going boy in the home with his human. He has superb house manners and does well alone for many hours. He is content laying on his bed, or will entertain himself by playing soccer with a ball. If the human joins in, he's ready to play catch! Believe it or not, this big fella is agile.

He is very eager to meet any and all humans, and often will surprise you with a bout of canine kisses. He has truly learned to enjoy his pets and belly rubs. When meeting other dogs, Jylo has a tendency to show pushy interest, and often triggers a correction from the other dog. This often arouses him, as he has trouble reading canine body language. With supervision and guidance, however, he seems to adapt and lose interest in other submissive dogs, including in the home environment and on pack walks. Frequent exposure will allow him to continue with this success, but Jylo can easily flourish being the only dog.

Jylo is house broken and sleeps quietly in a crate during the night. He is eager to go on car rides and is game to explore new adventures with his forever family.

No small dogs. Cats and small critters unknown.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added October 2018

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