King is a genial black and tan, mature male. He was an unclaimed stray who was obviously on the streets for a while as he was quite thin when he came into rescue.  King has been gaining weight and responding wonderfully to the leadership and consistent handling of his foster family. He's good with other dogs, very athletic, crate trained, house broken, good on a leash, and generally easy to live with. 
King's athletic ability showed up almost immediately after coming into rescue. Even without his Super Dog cape, he can clear a 5-foot chain link fence in a single bound! He'll need a secure enclosure when he's outside.
With the help of a fence charger for cattle King has learned to say in the yard at his foster home.  One little "bite" on the nose was all it took. We aren't sure this is a permanent fix,  he may still test to see if his new fences bite.  At least we know he can easily be contained.

Unfortunately King has been diagnosed with Perianal Fistulas, he is responding to treatment and we hope will soon be in remission.  This is a life long issue, he will need to be on a diet free of red meat protein and possibly on medication off and on for the rest of his life. 
King's adoption fee is $100 due to his ongoing medical issue.

NO CATS. Seriously, NO CATS!

Watch video of King on YouTube.

This dog is a Level 2 Dog!