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Kramer is an enthusiastic, fun-loving black and tan male around 2 years old who we pulled from a local shelter. Since coming into the rescue, he gained weight to a fit 80 lbs yet could still afford to gain a few more. His tall, handsome appearance gets him compliments around town. He is affectionate at home, gentle when taking treats from your hand and enjoys whatever attention that he can get. He understands basic commands and is housebroken.

When the car door opens, he quickly jumps in, takes his spot, and enjoys rides to everywhere. While you're in the store, he keeps a front seat warm and has learned "jump in the back" as you approach to give your spot back. Kramer is being fostered in the Lake Tahoe area and has developed into an outdoorsy boy and energetic hiking buddy. There is no fear about getting wet, and he earns his polar bear club membership by jumping into the lake during winter.

In his pack, he has become a bit of a party boy and can pester dogs until they comply to his festive nature. Kramer behaves properly on walks around town, and he does well on a leash until he sees a squirrel to chase or another dog to greet. He enjoys being around both male and female dogs, especially if they like to wrestle.

Kramer has gained tons of confidence and balance in his foster home, but he still has some lingering, decreasing fears of things like thunder. As we continue working on this, the confidence steadily improves. There is no denying that Kramer has a boisterous side and can be a lot of dog, but outside his alarm bark, we have yet to see him growl, grumble, raise a lip, or show aggression toward anybody. If you see Kramer at one of our adoption days, expect him to be a bit aloof, because there is so much activity competing for his active mind's attention.

If given the opportunity, he tries to cuddle on the sofa while you relax. He would probably enjoy sleeping on your bed, too, although he currently sleeps well in a crate nearby. Kramer does still need some work on how to properly behave when people are away, and he currently needs somebody who is around most or all of the time. It is possible that he just needs the right dog to keep him occupied, and we will certainly discuss this issue with anybody who is interested. Because Kramer enjoys chasing critters, he will not likely be good with cats.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Updated February 2018

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