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Kramer is an enthusiastic black and tan male around 2 years old who we pulled from a local shelter. He came into the rescue at an underweight 70 lbs and will be at his ideal weight when he gains around 15 more. His tall, handsome appearance gets him attention and compliments around town. He is affectionate around the house, is gentle when taking treats from your hand and enjoys a good belly rub when he gets one. His food motivation makes training him much easier. He understands the basics, including being housebroken, although 'down' is his least favorite.

He quickly jumps into the car and enjoys riding to everywhere. When you're in the store, he keeps the driver's seat warm and has learned "jump in the back" as you approach to give your spot back. Kramer is being fostered in the Lake Tahoe area and is becoming an outdoorsy boy who is learning to be a great hiking buddy. It has also been entertaining watching him learn how to swim, as he is still a bit clumsy but willing to give the water a try.

If you have another dog, Kramer would prefer female. If she is big and bossy but friendly, that would be fine. Although he gets along with the resident boy, especially on the trails, he generally prefers the girl's company and might need her to put him in his place when you're not around. In his pack, he has become a bit of a party boy and can pester dogs until they comply to his festive nature. He does not like it when he thinks that the party is ending, and he is still getting used to settling into his indoor kennel when people are away. With people, Kramer would prefer having somebody around to keep him company most of the time. It seems that, as much as anything else, he simply enjoys relaxing at my feet.

Kramer has gained tons of confidence and balance in his foster home but still has some lingering fears of things like thunder, and he sometimes hides when you're watching a good action movie with a lot of bass. Kramer behaves properly on walks around town, and he does well on a leash until he sees a squirrel to chase or another dog to greet. Because Kramer enjoys chasing critters, he will not likely be good with cats.

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