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Leilani is an adorable 10 month old, white female weighing 55 lbs. Her previous owners adopted her from Craigslist when she was only 6 weeks old. She spent most of her life in a crate or tethered in the yard, as they didn't have a fenced yard. After 8 months, they decided they didn't have time for her and left her at a shelter in Roseville.

Leilani needs slow introductions with people she doesn't know. Once intros are done, she becomes excited and happy to have attention and affection. If she thinks she's in trouble, she submissively pees. She is mostly housebroken and loves toys and a good game of fetch. She especially loves soft toys, but will shred them and then bring you the remains. Like most young dogs, she will put almost anything in her mouth, so having many toys to direct her to stay away from inappropriate chewing is a must. She is learning house manners and to settle when she's inside the house. She is crate trained, but is only crated at night for sleep in her foster home. When in the yard, she is usually quiet.

She is living with a young female German Shepherd and two senior male German Shepherds and is beginning to figure out an appropriate play style with them. She met the resident cat and sniffed nicely, but as she does in play, opened her mouth to bite at the cat. She's been tethered to her foster mom inside until she proves she won't harm the cats, which shouldn't take long. Leilani likes putting her feet in the water buckets and water feature in the yard. Not sure if she would be a swimmer or if it's her way to cool off faster outside.

Leilani knows how to sit and is learning to wait for her food. She is also learning not to jump up on people for attention. She walks fairly well on leash, making good eye contact, as if she wants to be sure her person is still with her. She did get car sick on her way home from the shelter, but she was very stressed that day so hopefully it won't be a recurring thing.

This sweet girl has a lot of young energy, but is a joy to have around. Due to her energy and the need for training, we would not put her in a home with children under 10 years old. Leilani will need a home willing to continue her socialization, exercise and training. Another male dog to keep her company would be a plus too.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added August 2017

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