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Luca is a sweet red and black senior male, approximately 9 years old and weighing 69 lbs. A stray out of Yolo County, nothing is known about his background. Luca arrived with hair missing from his plush coat, an eye infection and ear infections. He has been receiving medicated baths, medication for his eyes and ears and will be stunning when he's healed.

Luca is happy to be with people and follows his foster family around the house, but doesn't get underfoot. He's getting along with the young male and young female German Shepherds in the foster house, but when he first arrived wanted to claim his people and tried to keep the other dogs away from them. With some mild corrections, Luca understands that he cannot do that and has assimilated well.

Food is a motivator for Luca. He seems content to have a good meal, a soft bed and someone to scratch his head.

Luca seems interested in cats, but may be OK with dog savvy cats. Luca doesn't move very fast, so it's easy to correct him while cats run off. Luca loves walks and is is good on a leash. He also loves to play with balls and enjoys a good bone to chew. He is sleeping on a dog bed at night, but will settle into a crate to be left home alone when needed. He appears almost housebroken, but is working on proper cues to alert when he needs to out.

Luca would be the perfect companion for someone looking for a sweet, mellow, devoted boy.

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Added April 2017

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