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Ludwig (aka Ludy) is a striking 12-18 month old sable male. Weighing in at about 80 pounds, Ludy is a giant puppy. He was found by a Good Samaritan running free, with a severe limp. After rest and some anti-inflammatories, the limp has cleared up.

Ludy knows a few basic commands such as sit and down. He also walks on a leash without pulling, although he likes to walk right up against you, so it is still a little challenging until he fully learns to give his human some space. Ludy has gotten along with all of the large dogs in his foster home, but this youngster just wants to play, play, play, and can annoy other dogs that don't share his energy. He hasn't really learned to take a hint when the older foster dogs tell him no. Ludy would like to be in a home with another dog that wants to roughhouse.

Ludy has not had an accident in his foster home. With regular trips out, he has been a good boy. Ludy is a very active boy, and is trying to learn how to settle on a bed while in the house in the evenings. He is not very successful yet, but with continued work and patience, he is sure to learn. Ludy is also very mouthy, grabbing almost anything he can find...folded laundry, a shoe or sock (even if your foot is in it), his leash, your hands, or whatever else is near by. Due to his mouthiness, he will need a home without small children. Ludy has done well sleeping in a crate, he has chewed on the bed a little, but for the most part has been quiet.

Ludwig is a diamond in the rough, that needs the right structure and leadership to make him the best dog he can be. He is a very social boy that needs to learn a few manners. Ludy would like a family that will continue his socialization and training as well as including him in daily activities.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added February 2017

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