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Luther is a handsome one year old black and tan with silver highlights who was an unclaimed stray out of a Sacramento area shelter. He is a confident, enthusiastic guy at a healthy weight of about 85 lbs. He is housebroken and being crate trained. Luther does pretty well on a leash and likes to be around his people and other big dogs.

When the back hatch opens, he is the first one into the car and loves riding to everywhere, sometimes using the center armrest as his pillow. Basic commands are understood, but we are still working on consistency and his young boy attention span. Luther is food-motivated and can be trained with just kibble for his reward.

Around the house, he has let the resident dogs call the shots. However, he continues to research what he can get away with and generally eggs on other dogs to wrestle more...and more. Simply put, he likes to play hard with big dogs. Luther also has an affectionate side and appreciates the loving when he gets it, too.

Luther's home must have at least one active person who will fulfill his higher exercise needs. If use of a prong collar makes you squeamish, this is not your guy. He would like a home with another friendly dog as well, especially a big dog who can keep up with his rambunctious style of play. For the right handler, he is shaping up to be an excellent hiking or jogging partner.

On the beach, he playfully splashes around in the shallow water and is excitable. He likes to meet other dogs around the neighborhood, and Luther can jump 5' fences, so a 6' fence might not contain him when there is something very interesting going by. He seems to do well in his indoor kennel when people are away as long as he gets his exercise and has his foster pack nearby. Without proper supervision, he is not appropriate for small dogs.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added March 2017

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