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Messi is a 1 year old, sable male who was owner surrendered to a Sacramento area shelter, but little is known about his past.

Messi is currently living in a household with a young female German Shepherd and he loves to follow her everywhere she goes. He loves to play, play, play and he will become vocal if he believes she isn't playing enough. He is mostly housebroken and knows basic commands such as sit and down. He is still learning to walk on a leash but is showing good improvement when he gets to go out one on one. He is learning to wait for his meals or to come inside, and is still working on how to settle down when coming in and hanging out. However, he will settle down nicely when crated and sleeps well in his crate at night.

When excited, Messi will jump and can get mouthy, which is not uncommon at his age. He can be quite vocal when meeting new dogs as this is how he shows his excitement. This young boy is full of energy and happy to meet anyone willing to play.

Messi will make a great addition to an active family that is willing to continue his socialization and training, especially if it comes with another young dog that wants to play. While he has been around small children, due to his age and size it is recommended he go to a family without young children.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added March 2017

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