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Miela (My Ella) is a cute and happy female (mostly) Belgin Malinois who is a around 8.5 years old. This is her second time in rescue and was originally adopted out in 2009 as a 5 - 6 month old puppy.

Miela, through no fault of her own, recently was surrendered to a local area shelter, and when the shelter staff scanned her for a chip, they called GCGSR to inform us they had one of our dogs. We immediately went to pick her up.

Once a GCGSR dog comes into our program, it will always be a GCGSR dog for life. We take great pride in that we will always bring a dog back into rescue, no matter the circumstances, and find it the home it deserves, no matter how much time has past.

We don't know much about Miela and are getting to know her again. We do know she is a gentle, well-mannered dog and loves to ride in the car.

We will update this bio once we get to know her a little better.

See Miela's original bio and pictures from 2009.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added December 2017

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Miela - Original bio and pictures - 2009

Miela is a female German Shepherd-wannabe. Mostly Belgian Malinois by birth, she is smart, fast, athletic, confident, everything you would expect from a 5-6 month old Malinois pup. With all that she is also very loving and she would like very much to be a lap dog and snuggle. When she's not terrorizing her foster brother she will climb up in foster mom's lap and give plentiful kisses.

This is not a dog for an inexperienced owner. Yes, she is darling, but the cuteness factor aside she is the kind of dog who will take over if she does not have an experienced owner with strong leadership skills. She gets along with other dogs as long as they let her have her way. If her foster brother does not give up a toy she wants, she will snarl and bark and take it from him. He weighs 80 pounds, she weighs 20 pounds, and she dominates.

Miela has learned to walk nicely on leash and she is housebroken and crate-trained. She has made great progress in a very short time for a puppy who had no manners and apparently had never been inside a home until she came to rescue.

Obedience training is not an option, it is a must for this girl. If you are committed to training and daily exercise, Miela will make a wonderful companion. Without proper direction, she will use that energy to entertain herself at everyone else's expense.

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