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Nadia is an approximately 2 years old, petite black and tan female, weighing 48.5 lbs. She was an unclaimed stray from a Sacramento area shelter, so nothing is known of her background. It appears she's had a litter of puppies in the past. She had a fractured pelvis when she came into the shelter, but has healed nicely and is on no restricted activities. She must be making up for the time she was on limited activity, as she is one busy girl but settles when inside.

Nadia is affectionate and loves going on walks. She has proven to be housebroken, although she needs a crate or a secure yard with high fences (can easily clear a 4' fence) while you are gone since she is still learning what not to chew. Nadia enjoys something to chew on in her crate. Currently in a home with two male German Shepherds and one young female German Shepherd. She is getting along fine with all of them, although she doesn't want any dog in her face or grumbles at them when they walk by. She stops with a quick correction. The foster home also has cats, and Nadia is learning the "leave it" command. She corrects fairly well when a stern, forceful voice is used. More time is needed to tell if she can be trusted off leash around the cats.

Nadia is a good alarm barker and likes car rides. She should be tethered, crated or have window locks on when in the car, as she stepped on the window button, got the car window down & proceeded to jump out the car window. She also likes to ride shot gun, but does not sit still while in that seat. Still learning proper house manners and recall commands. Nadia is timid around strangers and will bark like a big dog. She warms up faster to women than men, but if she gets to sniff from behind before meeting anyone she's uncertain of, it helps her gain confidence. Because she jumps up on people and is sometimes mouthy when excited, she would be best in a home with older children.

This girl needs to go to a home willing to set boundaries, provide consistent corrections and work on building her confidence. Enrolling in obedience training and providing mental and physical exercise is also a must for this energetic dog.

This is a Level 3 Dog. Please be sure you understand what a dog of this Level requires.

Added October 2015

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