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NakiNaki Head

Naki is a 3 year old black/tan male who came to us as a stray from a Sacramento area shelter so we know nothing about his background. Naki's left eyeball is collapsed, possibly due to an old injury. Both eyes have entropion lids (where the eyelashes grow inward). We will keep an eye on him to see if the right eye requires further vet attention.

Although he weighs in at 94 lbs, his friendly, mellow demeanor makes him a great companion. He is quick to offer his paw or roll over for belly-rubs and loves to be near his human.

Indoor living appears to be a new experience for Naki, but this sweet boy is quickly adapting to his new lifestyle. He is house trained with the use of a doggie door, is learning to use a crate, and has nice house manners. He walks beautifully on a leash, walking shoulder to shoulder with his foster brother, as though they've been doing it forever. While he enjoys his walks, he will sometimes dig in his heels and flatten like a pancake if he thinks you're going to make him do something that scares him, i.e., he is afraid of loading into the car and the bathtub, but patience and continued training will have him conquering those tasks as well.

Naki lives with a 4 year old male GSD and an 18 month old female GSD and 2 cats -- this easygoing boy gets along with his entire foster-pack. Further training, regular exercise, and confidence building will be needed for his forever home.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added June 2017

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