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Nalani is a 7 year old petite Black and Tan female. She was originally a stray from Placer County, so nothing is known of her background. She was adopted once, but returned when the adopters couldn't trust her with their cats. She then was determined to be heartworm positive and recently completed treatment for Heartworm. She entered our foster system underweight, but has achieved an ideal weight of 58 pounds.

She was initially restless around other dogs, but has learned to accept their company without the need for interaction. She is anxious in new environments, but will eventually settle in the home and has impeccable house manners. She walks well on a leash and knows basic commands. She is crate trained, however, she favors dog beds that allow her to extend her body and legs.

Nalani has moderate bilateral hip dysplasia and some arthritis, which will require daily anti-inflammatory medications. Pain medicine may be given as needed. It is also recommended that she receive daily glucosamine and fish oil. Despite this, she is eager for her daily walks, car rides, and trips to the lake where she will show off her attempts to retrieve sticks in the water. She engages in ball play with enthusiasm. Nalani interacts well with adults and children, and gets along with dogs of all sizes. Based on past history, a home without cats is advised.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added January 2017

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