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Newman - our 100th dog adoption!

Adopted 1/18/09!

Newman is a gorgeous, adorable young sable male. This young boy is happy, affectionate, wiggly, and altogether irresistible. He's a moderate energy fellow whose tail wags non-stop no matter what he's doing. Newman is happy to go along with the plan and be included in the action. He's a typical puppy and does typical puppy things, loves to play with other dogs and snuggle with people. He fancies himself a bit bigger than his britches at the moment and needs to learn good social skills with other, bigger dogs.

He'll need an owner committed to continuing his socialization with other dogs, other people, and out in the big, wide world. With the right training and guidance, Newman should fit into just about any family that wants a big, handsome male to watch over them.

Newman was a pretty sick pup when we first got him, he came down with pneumonia and had digestive problems. He was regurgitating his food and losing weight, and our first thought was megaesophagus. Fortunately, he did not have that, and he didn't have a pyloric valve heart problem that might also have been the culprit. So we did x-rays and a barium test to find out why his food wasn't digesting as quickly as it should. Newman hid the pneumonia at first, since it just seemed to be the typical kennel cough from being in the shelter. It took us quite a while and many tests to finally get his digestive issues cleared up. Thanks to the Rainbow Fund, we were able to save him.

Added December 2008

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