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NiaNia Head

Nia is a 7 year young, 85 lb beauty who was adopted 6 years ago to a couple who lived on 3+ acres and she had room to romp, cool off in a pond or the pool, but doesn't like to swim.  The owner is moving into a senior facility without a yard and is unable to care for Nia.


This sweet girl is cautious with people she doesn't know, but once she's comfortable, she's affectionate and shows how gentle she can be.  She seems to warm up to woman faster and also knows true dog people.  She loves entertaining herself with big, floppy squeaky toys, but never figured out fetching a ball.  Nia was taught not to enter the kitchen and doesn't beg for food.  In the home where she lived, she often visited neighbor dogs of all sizes and had lived with a cat.  Put a barrier between her and other dogs, however, and Nia behaves like she needs to protect herself by acting tough.  In thunderstorms, Nia needs to be inside, but doesn't become frantic due to the noise.  Her favorite things are to go for a walk or car ride.


Nia is on medication for urinary leakage during the night.  She also has allergies and her vet thought it was environmentally related, as she itches incessantly.  She has been on medication, but we are trying special dog food to see if it's food related and try to get her off the allergy medicine.


This girl would love another quiet home where she can be treated royally.  She has been around children, however 8 years and older is best, as small, energetic children make her anxious.

Nia is camera shy, so here's a video to get a better idea of her looks and size:

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Added May 2018

Nia 01

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