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NimbusNimbus Head

Nimbus is a 70 lb all white male approximately 8 years old. He was a stray from a Central Valley shelter so nothing is known of his background. When he first came into the program he was missing hair (likely due to allergies), had dental problems and was underweight. With dental work, vet attention, proper care and nutrition he is doing very well.

Nimbus loves to spend time inside with his human and is very affectionate. He is crate trained and would be more than happy to spend the day in the house in a crate when left alone for the day. He also does well when left in the back yard or in a kennel. Nimbus is housebroken, has good house manners, and sleeps well in a crate or on a dog bed in his foster mom's bedroom at night.

Nimbus knows basic commands such as sit, down, and bed, sits and waits for his dinner, and walks nicely on a leash. However he is still working on waiting to be invited in from the yard since he is so excited to come back inside the house. He does well with a daily walk or some type of daily exercise and stimulation.

He loves to play with the resident 3 year old female German Shepherd. He also seems to want to chew but is happy to keep the chewing to dog-approved toys when his foster mom allows it.

Nimbus has met other large dogs nicely and may do well with small dogs or cats but he is currently untested. Nimbus would do best in a home that will continue his training and he would prefer another large female dog to play with him.

This is a Level 2 Dog

Added August 2017

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