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Polly is a very cute, traditional black and tan coat with cream colored undertones and a very swishy tail that is constantly wagging. She came to us as an unclaimed stray from a local shelter, so nothing is known of her background. Although the slight gray on her muzzle makes her look a bit older, based on her teeth, legs, and general physical condition, we estimate her to be approximately 3-4 years old. At just over 50 lbs, Polly is the perfect size for someone looking for a more compact GSD.

Although she is on the smaller size, Polly holds her own with the much larger dogs she has been around in her current foster home. She is housebroken, and loves to run around outside with her foster pack, as much as she loves to hang out around them in the house. She is still learning proper leash manners, but she really enjoys neighborhood walks. She rides quietly in the car, calmly looking around to take in the sight. Although Polly can be timid around people (especially when she first meets someone) she has a very affectionate nature and sweetness about her that draws people to her. She will often approach you and immediately roll over to get a belly rub, then stand up and sit straight in front of you until you stroke her head and ears.

Polly came to us without much in the way of manners, but she has already learned sit, and wait (for in the house, and food), She's is also still learning that it's not necessary to stand or jump up to meet people or ask for attention. Polly is very praise motivated, and responds well to training, but would benefit greatly from full obedience training with her new owners.

When relaxing with her foster pack in the evenings, Polly generally prefers to lie on the open floor near her people. She goes easily into her crate at bedtime and settles nicely. Polly has not chased the resident cat, and has only expressed passing interest in them. She's a likely candidate to live in a home with a dog savvy cat, but would need to be tested for compatibility with any cat she might live with to be certain. Polly does run around and get excited with her foster pack mates when they go on alert and start barking, and has quickly learned how to howl at passing emergency vehicles with them. Don't let her small size fool you, this girl has a loud alarm bark.

Overall, Polly is in very good general health. She does have some cloudiness in her left eye that has been diagnosed by our vet as a cataract. She could likely be a good candidate to have this surgically repaired, but this is not mandatory. This condition does not slow her down at all, and she seems to see just fine as it is.

Considering her personality and highly affectionate demeanor, Polly would probably be happy being an only dog, but she would do just as well with another dog in her new home such as an older male. This sweet little girl has a lot of love and affection to give, and will bring a lot of joy to the right forever home.

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Added February 2017

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